Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide top tier service to our dealer base while maximizing sales for our agency and our suppliers.

Why work with C to C sales?

Territory Coverage Flexibility - Need a rep for Arizona and Nevada only? No problem. How about just So Cal? Sure. Need all 13 western states covered? We can help. We will represent your product line in our whole territory or part of our territory. We also have relationships with reps outside of our territory to offer suppliers coverage in all 13 western states if needed.

Limited Line Representation - We believe that rep groups with to many lines can't provide good service and they almost always end up selling competitive products. We limit the number of lines we represent so we spend more time selling your brand. It also limits conflicts from competitive products which is actually pretty common in this business.

Communication - We communicate regularly with all our suppliers and sales managers. We return every call and email from our dealers, suppliers, and end users. Believe it or not, many reps do not provide this level of response.

Experience and Relationships - Every rep in our group has been in the industry at least 15 years. We can get your product in front of every single sporting goods retailer and team dealer in our territory. We also have relationships with most, if not all, apparel decorators in our territory. Don't take our word for it, contact any of your top customers and chances are they will know us.